ISO 14000


What Is ISO 14000?
ISO 14000 is a set of international standards designed to help organizations operate without negatively affecting the environment, adhere to environmental laws and regulations, and continuously improve processes. 

The Environmental Management System and Environmental Auditing address a wide range of issues to include the following:
Top management commitment to continuous improvement, compliance, and pollution prevention.
Creating and implementing environmental policies, including setting and meeting appropriate targets.
Integrating environmental considerations in operating procedures.
Training employees in regard to their environmental obligations.
Conducting audits of the environmental management system.

What are the benefits of ISO 14000 Environmental Management System?
Enhances Environmental Performance
The initial benefit of being an ISO 14000 certified business means you have excellent environmental performance and corporate citizenship.

Reduction in waste production
Controlling and managing waste, effluent, and emissions are good indicators that your business is positively affecting the environment by preventing any source of pollution and contamination. With this, natural resources, including air and water, land and precious minerals are conserved.

Compliance with legal and other requirements
Taking a strategic approach helps demonstrate adherence with current and future regulatory and statutory requirements. This also help reduce risk of prosecution and fines.

Being ISO 14001:2015 certified helps provide financial benefits, establish better relationships with stakeholders, expand to different markets and improve company reputation. Many businesses with high risk of environmental impact may only engage with organizations that have certified EMS frameworks.

ICTT specializes in designing and developing ISO14000 systems, and preparing your company for the certification audit.  For more information on how ICTT can assist you with achieving ISO14000 registration at your facility, contact ICTT.
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