ICTT Chemicals Testing
The reliable testing partner to achieve chemical and hazardous substances requirements

As an elementary part of modern life,chemicals and chemical substances are applied in almost every manufacturing process to convert raw materials such as oil, natural gas, water, metals and minerals into finished products.

However,  regardless of their apodeictic fundamentality, the wide applications of chemicals are increasingly impacting human health and the environment that have prompted the naissance of governmental regulations all around the world to restrict the use of potentially harmful chemicals and chemical substances and to enhance the safe use and disposal of chemicals.

ICTT Chemical Testing Services

ICTT experts have specialized knowledge of chemical and restricted substance regulations available worldwide, and actively track pending and potential regulatory changes that can affect the acceptance of your products. Testing are carried out in compliance with the following requirements and regulations: ASTM,ISO17025,GLP and other accepted standards of industry or customer requirements

The Scopes of Chemical Analysis and Testing:
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