Inspection Services


Whether you are a manufacturer or a trader, ensuring the quality of your products and goods by inspection is the most critical part of the supply chain.

ICTT has established a management system based on ISO/IEC 17020, and its inspection organization has also obtained the qualification review of the US IAS.

ICTT will partner with you to set targets for Prevention of Potential Quality Problems, Reduction of Business Risks Caused by Quality Issues, Confidence Build up Towards Safe Products Arrival.

ICTT Inspection Services
Verify Manufacturer capabilities, compliance, and qualifications;
Assess production progress, verify that raw materials, semi-finished products or finished products meet order requirements;
Confirm the consistency of product and packaging, find defects in advance and track the production schedule.
Final Random Inspection (FRI)
Container Loading Inspection (CLI)

Field and Range of ICTT Inspection Services
Formaldehyde Emissions and Performance of Wood Products
Wood-Based Structural-use Panels and Engineered Wood Products
Heating Stoves
Plumbing Products
Exterior Cladding
Concrete Forms
Foam Plastics
Guard and Handrail
Steel Welding (Frames and brackets for Solar Products)
Helical Pile Systems for Building
Anchor Channels
Manufacturing in fields specified above

Why Choose ICTT Inspection Services?
Expertise-Our inspectors are professional and experienced, providing you accurate and transparent services;
Efficiency-We deliver even more responsive service to your quality challenges;
Cost-A competitive quotation
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